Fred Heinsohn is a Berlin based Designer who is interested in the crafty intersection of Art, Music, Fashion and Architecture and always keen for new collaborations. Since 2015 he works with various clients in the fields of culture and commerce, creating design work ranging from the direction of campaigns, to the creation of editorial design and lettering. In 2020 he graduated from The University of Arts Berlin (Master of Arts) and the Berlin University of Applied Science (2016, Bachelor of Arts).

His clients include Cashmere Radio, Calida, Deutscher Museumsrat, Eigenart Magazine, Kostas Murkudis, Lea Roesch, Protocol Magazine, Oneiric Space Magazine, Robert Johnson Club, Sony Music, StandardClothing, Thomas Hayo, Truongii, University of Arts, VFO–Zurich and Verbrecher Verlag.

Fred’s friends and collaborators are Marco Land, Aletta Wetterstrand, Lea Roesch, Stefan Wetterstrand, Claudia Jaeh, Fraziska König, Lena Hegger, Louise Borinski, Elsa Müller, Nam Nguyen, Natasha Voranger, Jasmin Truong, Tereza Mundilova, David Kaltenbach, Christin Rothe, Phillip Koll, Hannah Schmutterer and Joseph Kadow

Webdesign: Fred Heinsohn, Development: Stefan Wetterstrand, Concept: Denis Yilmaz and Kristin Krause