Fred Heinsohn is a Berlin-based Art director and Designer who specializes in creating unique visual languages. Drawing inspiration from queer and feminist theory, art, music, and architecture, Heinsohn‘s designs are examining and interpreting dominant cultures of today. With notable clients such as Sony Music and Mugler, Heinsohn‘s dedication to collaboration and handcrafted artworks is at the heart of his creative process. With a Master of Arts degree from The University of Arts and critical acclaim for his work, Heinsohn‘s designs inspire progress through combining rigor and enthusiasm. With a deep understanding of the power of visual communication, Heinsohn creates thought-provoking designs that support a diverse range of clients in communicating their visions in meaningful and impactful ways. Overall, Heinsohn‘s work is a testament to the power of collaboration, conceptual thinking, and ingenuity in shaping the design landscape.

His clients include Cashmere Radio, Calida, Deutscher Museumsrat, Eigenart Magazine, Kostas Murkudis, Lea Roesch, Mugler, Pezzi, Protocol Magazine, Oneiric Space Magazine, Robert Johnson Club, Sony Music, StandardClothing, Thomas Hayo, Truongii, University of Arts, VFO–Zurich Verbrecher Verlag, Vogue CS and 032C.


Fred’s friends and collaborators are Hei Agenda, Marco Land, Aletta Wetterstrand, Lea Roesch, Stefan Wetterstrand, Claudia Jaeh, Fraziska König, Lena Hegger, Louise Borinski, Elsa Müller, Nam Nguyen, Natasha Voranger, Jasmin Truong, Tereza Mundilova, David Kaltenbach, Christin Rothe, Phillip Koll, Hannah Schmutterer and Joseph Kadow

Webdesign: Fred Heinsohn, Development: Stefan Wetterstrand, Concept: Denis Yilmaz and Kristin Krause